820-4924 seriously damaged


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This board looks like someone plugged a USB killer into it... Probably not but here is the list of failures.

L4605 burned cracked chared PCB. - REMOVED
U4600 has a hole in it - REMOVED
U6410, U6440, U6430, U6420 all shorted - REMOVED
U8080 shorted - REPLACED
U7501 fucked - REPLACED
ISL6259 had some crap on it - REPLACED just because
Screen not detected, obvi no backlight. External monitor does come to life and shows boot screen but turns off half way through boot. I guess it's turning off when it gets to desktop.
Unable to test keyboad and trackpad.


Restoring the screen functionaliy is the next job.

OK screen is now working too.

Next job is to get the audio back up and running.

The fault looks to have originated from U4600..... Would anyone care to take a stab at a possible cause?
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Ive seen this before, Came with a Extremely burnt USB port. I also thought it could be a USB killer. Every time i removed one short resistance would go up a couple of ohms and id have to search for another. Well done for getting it running though!