820_3115 b a1278 No power


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When it got here the first time Trackpad was not working so we inyected voltage to u5805 , Got hot , after that , the mb stopped turning on.

have this Right Now
- Green Light on
- PSU consumes 0.01A
- PP5V_S3= 0
- P5VS3_EN_L=3.42 , but P5VS3_ENTRIP=0
- 5V3V_REG_EN= 3.22 , but PP5VS5_LDO=0
- P5VP3V3_REG3=0

What could it be?
Is it possible to turn it on without u5805


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First of all, welcome to the forum!

Injected voltage on U5805 which pin and why???

Post diode mode to ground at 5V_S5.
If short (or low value), remove R5805, L5800 and check again.
Do you get 3V3_S5/SUS?


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Thanks for the welcoming.

Injected in pin 1 to see if it strated to get hot. Which it did.

5V_S5 is not in Short . value reads 630 in diode mode.

3V3_S5/SUS = 0.36


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Update: It turns on but no Video nor USB activity :( . Tried another Bios too and no help.
Im getting theses values.

L7510/20 = 1.12V



mem_reset_L = 1.5V

Is it possible that CPU is bad?


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You must discard other options first.

When board really boots, VCORE should drop from 1.12V to 0.78V aprox.
Try one good DDR module at a time, each slot.
Be sure all resistors around U7400 are good, as traces too.
Check all SPI Bus Series Termination resistors and traces.
Finally, heat PCH and/or CPU with good flux; no more than 180-200 degrees, for 15-20s.