A1278 820-2936-B not charging


I have an A1278 820-2936-B, that recognizes the battery, works on charger (if it has a bit of battery), says that it is charging, but the battery won't charge.

Already tried with a good working battery, but with the same result.

Can you help?
The magsafe starts green and turns to orange.
I don't know what is the BIL, but right now I'm testing it on the bench, with the board and battery only.


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Post PPBUS_G3H voltage, w/ and w/o battery connected.
Does it slowly increase when battery is connected?
Without battery it is 12.57V. With the battery connected it drops to 11.5V.
With the battery only (w/o charger connected it has 10.5V)
After all, it wasen't the BIL.
When the mac it's in use, it does not charge (maintain the same battery percentage), and when it's powered off, it charges, but very slowly.
Any ideas?
Resistance between pins 17/18 = 10 ohms
resistance between pins 27/28 = 20 ohms
I've tried with a good working battery already