A1398 3332-A no power


I have an A1398 820-3332-A that has no power.

It pulls 100mA from bench PSU, I have green light on the charger, but no power or fan spin.

All Vcore voltages are missing.

Can you help?
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L3895 = 0.620V
L7770 = 1.5V
L7220 = 5V
L7030 = 12.57V
L7330 = 1.3V
L9830 = 1V
L7260 = 3.3V
L8360 = 0V
L8310 = 0V
L7720 = 1.8V
L7630 = 1V
L7100 = 0.012V
L7530 = 0V
L7520 = 0V
L7510 = 0V
L7550 = 0V
L7560 = 0V
L8960 = 0V
L8930 = 0V


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Be sure to check all voltages properly; output pin of the coils.
L7330 should be 1.5V.

L7100 should get voltage, if PVCCSA_EN is present; comes from PM_SLP_S3_L (present for sure).
On PVCCSA_EN I get 3.259V (read on R7987), but on L7100 I iget 0.012V on both pins.

On L7330 I get:
Pin 1 = 1.354V
Pin 2 = 1.345V


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Any idea about resistance to ground at L7100?
Compare with good board.
Post U7100 nasic voltages; pins 19, 20, 15.
Check R/C7130.
L7100 has 5.4 ohm resistance to ground (not sure if the value is ok, because I don't have a working board here).

19 = 5.036V
20 = 5.039V
15 = 3.259V
16 = 0V

R/C1730 looks OK. However, on C7130, I have 4.716V on pin1, and 0V on pin2.

It was R7151 that was bad. After replacement, now it powers on. However, I only get image on the external monitor. I already tried a known good display, but no image.


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Do you get 5V at J9000?
At least in the first few seconds, when hear the chime.
LCD_HPD must go high at same time.
I have 5V (PP5VR3V3_SW_LCD) on J9000, but LCD_HPD is always at 0V


F9700= 12.56V
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That is really srange; do you check at both pins of R9000?
PCH requires LCD_HPD signal high, to maintain LCD_PWR_EN.