A1398 820-3332-A no charging

I have an A1398 820-3332-A that is not charging.
It has some signs of corrosion, but works fine on charger.
On battery doesn't work, and doesn't charge (but is recognized),.
Can you help?


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Post exact PPBUS_G3H voltage, w/ and w/o battery connected.
Check voltage and diode mode to ground at SCL/SDA lines of battery bus.


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"PPBUS_G3H = 1.2V (W baterry)"
I meant charger AND battery; not battery alone.

12.27V on charger alone, there is a communication problem between SMC and U7000.
Diode mode readings look good, post voltage on SCL/SDA too.
Be sure R7000 is good.
Try known good ISL6259 chip.
If still the same, change SMC.

Just in case, test removing D6950 first.