A1398 - Charger Green/Orange - No Boot - No 12.5v


The machine is a 2014 A1398 2.8GHz 16GB DG.

There was liquid damage however the customer decided to wipe away the evidence before brining the laptop in.

I am getting 0.7v on PPBUS_G3H

I am assuming that a short is causing this but can't see or feel anything hot.



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I hope you didn't inject voltage on PPBUS_G3H yet.
Post the exact diode mode (red probe at ground) on PPBBUS_G3H.

Do you get 3V42_G3H?
Post 820-xxxx code of your board.


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Post ISL6259 voltages; pins 1, 2, 3, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 27.
Also post exact resistance between pins 17/18 and 27/28 (ohm scale).

BTW, your mainboard isn't 820-3787???
After connecting the machine to power again the CPU/Heatsink is getting pretty hot.

I measured the Pins again and have outlined the changes.

ISL6259 Voltages

1 - 0v
2 - 20.1v
3 - 4.66v
9 - 0.23v
12 - 3.39v
13 - 3.08v
14 - 2.29v
15 - 0.04v
17 - 2.46v
19 - 5.49v
20 - 5.49v
27 - 19.9v

Shall I go ahead and provide the measurements you requested or does this change things?



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Some things changed now.
All mentioned resistors should be good.

Post diode mode to ground at PPBUS_G3H; connect red probe to ground!
Ok so things changed again, when I reconnected the genuine MagSafe 2 85w adapter there was no indicator light.

X3 chargers tested which work fine on other machines.

I am going to re-measure everything and provide again.
Yep always original, no fakes here.

Have been looking at the onewire/adapter sense systems to work out what's preventing the charger light from coming on.

More than I bargained for...

I have a bunch of working boards to compare against.

U7000, U7001and surrounding components seem good.

I am getting 1.7v on the PP20V_DCIN_FUSE but only 0.11v on SMC_BC_ACOK



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" 2 - 20.1v
I am getting 1.7v on the PP20V_DCIN_FUSE"
So, what happened???

Looks like charger detects leakage on the input stage.
Usually Q7180, or D7010 problem.
I don't know what caused the extra challenge. It must have been me and a loose grounding wire to the multimeter, no one else to blame etc.

I have components to swap out.. but first

Getting the following in diode mode..

DCIN_ISOL to GND - 1012

On a good board I get

DCIN_ISOL_GATE_R to GND - No reading
DCIN_ISOL to GND - 1012

C7012 or am I barking up the wrong tree?