A1502 battery max at 30%


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This macbook pro charge the battery max to 30%. I have no new battery to test. Can I check something in the board?


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Check what the battery reports with CoconutBattery for OS X or a test with ASD if the model you have has one. Maybe the internal diagnostic test will report a back battery as well but I'm not 100% sure.
(You can run CoconutBattery on a Guest Account by opening it from the Terminal if you don't have the customer's login)

I assume the board looks ok and you're using an original charger?


worth to order the battery, even if it turns out not the battery is the issue, u will have a spare one, that model wont turn on without the battery, so u can use it for the next troubleshooting. Not charging over 30% is likely the battery though.