A1502 EFI serial number issue


I have an A1502 here which came in with a backlight issue. Lots of corrosion all over the board edge near the hinges, which affected the display connector as well as the EFI ROM area.
I got backlight issue sorted out and the laptop now works just fine, except for one thing.
It reports "Unavailable" for the serial number in About this mac, and ASD crashes and refuses to start at all.

Blank Board Serializer also refuses to start.

I have dumped the ROM, content is available here:

Serial number on the back of this unit is C02LP13CFGYY but I can't find this sequence of bytes in the dump.

Any idea what I should do here ?


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Corrupted BIOS on liquid damaged boards has already mentioned by dukefauks; especially if the spill was on SPI area.

Is your board 820-3536, or 830-3476?
Remember to post board code on all your threads!
I will build a new dump for you later this day...
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Yep, that worked. Thanks!
Out of curiosity, did you start from my dump file at all ? Or did you use another, not corrupted, dump and replaced S/N in there (and fix checksum and ME stuff) ?
One day I'd like to learn how to do this by myself, but so far I haven't been able to find good documentation.