A1502 not powering on but fan runs at full speed..

My a1502 2014 model logic board is not turning on , but fan is running with full speed , no display, no chime sound, Here is the voltage details.
PPBUS_G3H - 12.75V
PP3V3_S5 - 3.350 V
PP3V42_G3H - 3.42V
PP5_S5_LDO - 5.057V
PP5V_S4 - this rail is not stable , it's coming and going every 2 sec approx. Not sure it is normal behavior or not.

I haven't measured other rails ,

could you someone please give a hint where I should start ...


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First of all, welcome to the forum!

If fan spins, board turns on.
Not working properly, of course.

Any history available?
Check voltage at all big coils.
I have measured all the inductor values, Unfortunately, I do not know the history of this board, This board was full death,
I have just cleaned the full board and found some corrosion on U8005 (1.05V PCH HSIO Switch), Just applied some solder on it (Attaching some pictures of the board). I don't know why some of these rails are not stable, Or it is something expected?

L7630 - PP1V05_S0_REG - 1.057V
L7310 & L7320 - =PPVCC_S0_CPU_REG - 1.701
L7430 - PPDDR_S3_REG - Not consistent ,coming and going every 2 sec approx
L7520 - PP5V_S3_REG - Not consistent, coming and going every 2 sec approx
L7130 - PPBUS_G3H - 12.59V



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You didn't mention any fluctuation at L7630 and L7310/20.
This is not possible, if L7430 and L7520 fluctuate.

Is your board 820-3476?

Try to start in SMC bypass, just for test.
Yes just measured again, Now I can see the fluctuation in these rails too, I am new to this forum and MacBook board repair, Could you explain how I can bypass the SMC? and where I can find the board serial number?


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Check under SSD for board code.

Google could help you too...
Board serial number is 820 -3476-A, I am confused about where should I look for solving this voltage fluctuation. Could you give a clue? While bypassing SMC also I have voltage fluctuation And the fan running in the same sequence as other rails, Probably fan supply voltage also fluctuating. Is It a sensing issue? What are the possibilities?
I don't have an oscilloscope, Measured PLT_RESET_L by using a multimeter I can see a 0.3V is coming and going every second on PLT_RESET_L. This means that there is some pulse is coming, But it is not stable


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An o-scope is not really needed.
The pulse should appear each time fan spins.
Usually getting higher peak value, not only 0.3V.

Check if all output voltages from pages 59 & 60 try to appear.
If not, check diode mode to ground on that rail.
I have measured page 59 and page 60 ,

PP5V_S5 - 5.027V
PP5V_S4 - Fluctuating

page 59
PP3V3_S5 at C3287 - 3.349V - stable
PP1V5_S0 - Fluctuating
PP1V05_SUS at C7841 - 1.035V stable

page 60
1.5V S0 Audio Switch - fluctuating
3.3V S4 Switch - PP3V3_S4_FET_R - fluctuating
3.3V S3 Switch - PP3V3_S3_FET_R - fluctuating
3.3V S0 Switch - PP3V3_S0_FET - fluctuating
3.3V Sensor Switch - PP3V3_S4SW_SNS_FET_R - Fluctuating
5V S0 Switch - PP5V_S0_FET - Fluctuating
3.3V SSD Switch - at R5580 - PP3V3_S0SW_SSD_FET - Fluctuating
3.3V SUS Switch - PP3V3_SUS_FET_R - 3.348V stable
PP3V3_SUS - No voltage (maybe because R8020 is not equipped ???)
1.05V PCH HSIO Switch - PP1V05_S0SW_PCH_HSIO - Fluctuating
Looking at the microscope I couldn't see corrosion around SMC. Could you please educate me how is your attention went to SMC?
I was under the impression that one of the power rail /power good is failing ---> due to that SMC is shutting down the entire power supply enable signals ---> then SMC trying again with new enable after some time --- > again it's fail due to a bad pgood.

please correct me if I am wrong , I may be wrong , I am a power Electronics designer. Normally when we design power converters , power goods are monitored and controlled this way. Not sure how it is done in MacBooks.

Does anybody has a pre measured impedance of each power rails . So that I can make sure if any of the power rails are bad.


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If PLT_RESET_L pulses, means power on sequence is completed.
This requires presence of all power good signals.

You cannot see corrosion underneath SMC, just reball it.
To be honest, I am stuck, I couldn't remove the SMC my resolder station is not capable to offer enough heat or airflow (I have even tried with450 degree celsius and full airflow).
I think I should buy a new resolder station for BGA's. I have found Louise is recommending QUICK 861DW. To be honest I don't have that much budget. Is there some other solder station which I can afford for a better price?