A1706 820-00923 no power


I have an A1706 820-00923 with no power. It only puls 5.14V from ampmeter and 0.16A.

I notice that USBC_TA_CC1/2 was shorted (0.120 on diode reading) and so I replaced UB300. Now I get 0.546 on diode reading in USBC_TA_CC1/2, but still no power, and 5.14V on ampmeter.

Can you help?
I just saw that U5850 is missing and all of traces are missing to.

Client says it was on other shop before to do a flexgate, and it stoped working.

Is there any way to bypass U5850?


Staff member
Being a thermal interface, probably shouldn't stop the board to start.
But if someone made such a damage on the board, you can expect the worst scenario.
I do not recommend to waste time on it...