A1708 dont turn on after taking apart :-( 820-00875


good morning.

I got an a1708 with no big liquid damage. After replacing Topcase and Battery everthing is working good. The customer was happy, but now he came back after 6 month with audio problem.
I found during I replaced the topcase I damaged the flexcable from the headphone jack port. I ordered a new one. now after replacing all the devise is not starting

take out the board only it take 5, then 20V, Amp is rising until 0.15 til 0.17 and stucks there.

I checked visualy already but found till now nothing what could be ripped off. Liquid traces I dont see nothing and there was nothing needfull to clean I remember.

Before I toke it apart it was working everything, only the headphone was one chanel.

I still dont had any repair on such board. I would be happy about some assistaance

PPBUS_G3H is 12.98V
PP5VS5 is 5.07V
PP3V3_G3H is 3.3V
PP3V3_S4 is 3.3V
PP3V?_S0 is 3.3V

I found a missing corner on DZ4801

could that be the reason?



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So you don't get VCORE (PPVCCCPU_S0G).
Machine cannot work in this state.
AXG (PPVCCGT_S0G) only appears later, under graphics load.

Check for more damaged, or knocked off components.
Board has been probably damaged when removed it from the case.


Thanks for your help , I was searching now 2nd day and finaly I found missing r7718, knocked off, I dont can explain me how it was knocked off.
After replacing it everything is working like it should be. thank god! :)