A1989 820-00850-A


Hi, I have a board that is only drawing 5V on all USB-C ports getting 0.168A on two ports, then 0.134A on one port, then 0.026A on another.
After taking out the board and ports it appears one of the ports on each side is covered in junk. I am currently using a fresh port and getting 0.137A

I do not have the board view or schematics for this board. There also appears to be no visible corrosion/signs of liquid damage.
No voltage on any of the inductors, the CD3215 that I've plugged the board into outputs 3.25V 5V 1V 0.9V on the caps around it
Any help is appreciated.

I have attached thermal pictures of the board. Front and backside of the only hot spot and one of the whole thing.


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All USB-C ports must have the same behaviour.
Check schematic/boardview and specify for each CD3215 chip, LDO voltages and diode mode readings on the same power rails; 1x1V1, 2x1V8, 1x3V3 (4 in total).
Be aware, 1V1 LDO will only appear on the CD3215 chip corresponding to powered port.


Hi, thank you for replying.
Took me a second to understand but I believe I got the right measurements.
All diode measurements were with the board unpowered, and red to ground.
Diode measurements are after the LDO

1.8V LDOA, 0.517
1.799V LDOD, 0.071
2.3mV 1v1 LDO, 0.509
3.28V 3v3 LDO, 0.065

No Voltage on any
0.527 1v8 LDOA
0.518 1v1 LDO
0.018 3v3 LDO
0.047 1V8 LDOD

1.8V LDOA, 0.532
1.8 LDOD, 0.484
3.35V 3v3 LDO, 0.514
0 1v1 LDO, 0.513

0V 1v8 LDOA, 0.525
0V 1v1 LDO, 0.518
2.47V 3v3 LDO, 0.062
300mV 1V8 LDOD, 0.025


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Next time, keep some logic when you write the values; this will help us a lot.
Change U3100/200 and UB300.