A1990 820-01827 Liquid damage on U9580 SSD Buck. Likely Braindead?


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Hi. I believe this one might be braindead, but I would like a professional opinion before putting it to rest.

A1990 820-01827
Liquid damage around CD32 and U9580.

Got 5V on charger. I reflowed CD3215 and U9580 and 20V was restored.
Board draws .450a and T2 Chip gets slightly hot under thermal cam.

PP2V5_NAND_SSD1 D 0.363 2.5V



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Which schematic used, 01041, or 01814?

Really strange no short on L9580, if there was liquid around U9580.
Is now the machine recognized into DFU?


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It worked! DFU recovery fixed the machine. The strange thing is that I already tried DFU after getting 20V on the charger.
I tried a different USB-C cable (original mac charger USB-C) and now it worked.

I used both schematics. 01041 and 01814. I honestly could not tell the difference.

Thank you so much for all the help.

EDIT. ERROR -2003F When trying to install OS. Maybe the SSD took some damage.
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