Anybody tried combing through BIOS dump to see if TouchID (2016/2017) can be re-programmed?


Just curious if anyone has messed around with combing through BIOS dumps to find any info that might be related to the pairing of the TouchID Buttons. Alternatively, has anyone maybe tried swapping dumps/ME regions between boards to see if the other TouchID would work? Is the TouchID programming information even stored in the BIOS? Is this a waste of time? Sure is a bummer to not have buttons for so many of the TouchBar boards, particularly the A1706/A1707 boards. I have tons of dumps I could donate to the cause if anyone is messing with this already. Just wondering.


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Touch ID is managed by T1 (U3900), it has two ROMs U3901 and U3906, but most likely they are paired to T1 itself and authenticated by Secure Enclave and therefore cannot be swapped or tampered with. It probably works similarly to iPhone and I think there's still no way to pair Touch ID without Apple yet. Apart from that I have never seen these boards so I don't know much about it.