Anyone need a source for 2010-2012 Pros and Airs?


We're down to one technician so there's no way we're going to get to 80% of the stuff we're buying. We're just filling up our shelves right now with purchased computers. Let me know if anyone's interested in a source for Pros or Airs or both from 2010-2012. (We're in the U.S.)

We bought all of them directly from individuals and haven't opened them. The only thing we'll need to do is pull the drives and zero them out before sending the computers out. We'll include the drives or SSD's, and we also have stacks of other drives you can have also.

And lots of parts too if you want those also. We'll just include those with the computers if you want them. Lot's of potentially fixable logic boards you can have also. And power adapters. Just too much for us to manage now.