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I am thinking about expanding my current business of fixing phones, laptops and other electronics. I also offer micro-soldering services. I was thinking about getting a dealership for GoPro Cameras and drones. I have been purchasing inventories on my personal credit cards. I have submitted an application to for now. Any suggestions? I live in Berkeley. The rent will make me homeless someday!


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it'll never happen so don't even bother, but feel free to try. i ran a ponzi scheme to open my store. i put on ebay a bunch of board repair services at some dumb low price then shipped every person via first class mail tracked a little black and white piece of paper describing how we fix their board so that ebay would think i shipped it and they released the money. I had all of their boards fixed for them, and if they were not fixed I refunded them their money - but that is how I got around ebay's crap for newer accounts so I could receive the money before the repair was done and use it towards the three month deposit requested by the manhattan commercial landlord.

you have to come up with something. it has to be unique, it has to be good. beg, borrow, steal(well not the last one). but sba loan will set you up for disappointment.

if i waited on an sba loan i would still be working out of my apartment


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I also used a creative finance solution for my first bulk equipment purchase. As Louis said, standard bank methods dont work, not without a proven model which means joining a franchise.
I dont mind sharing my method, but since it operates in the grey (loophole) of their funding terms and i still do business with them i prefer not to publicize how i get around the red tape.
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