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In Quanta R13 board I have external video, and all works ok.
But on lvds screen I have only backlight and no video. Already tried new screen and new lvds cable. Also convert this board to UMA and still the same.
If I have backlight does it mean GPU or CPU video is enable already and this mean some lvds problem?


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In diode mode all TX lines are 0.714

Check image. You can see how image is devided. Suspect PCH?


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Original display only backlight, no video.
Other screen 17.3 LED is the same as at the picture.


Resolution is being set wrong. Could be an issue with the EDID data/power lines. Pins 3 4 and 5 are for that. Also messing with UMA/DIS could've fucked this. Make things like they were.


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Before messing with uma/dis I had all the same. I just convert to uma to check if this is gpu problem.
I inspect lvds connector and found pin3 broken. Meybe it touch pin 2 or 4 I dont know. Replaced lvds connector and same problem.