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branson EC with distilled water for the ultrasonic cleaner, 99% alcohol from whoever has a bunch of gallons cheap on ebay for displacing the water afterwards.


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Louis, i was talking to another forum member that bought 99% ipa from ebay and got a saltly like residue left behind after using ipa. Have you ever experienced this?

What i found online is that ipa can have water removed via a process called 'salting out'. I would not put it past some ebay sellers to low quality ipa with improperly treated ipa that has a higher than normal sodium level after processing.

Any thoughts on the salt like residue. Ive personally experienced, but was long ago. Just remember thinking how weird it was.


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Branson EC, IPA 99,99%, laboratory grade distilled water. That's for cleaning and reworking boards.
I use Un-Du (VOC free) to remove MacBook Retina batteries, but specially for iPad batteries without need to torch them and Sumo-wrestle them out of the device.