Crest CP500HT vs CP500D


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Ok so the CP500D is on backorder at the moment. My question is the degassing and the digital gauges that important or make it that much better? What settings do you use to clean the boards?


Not really much difference, except the D is "nicer" with the digital controls. Knobs work just fine, and you won't notice any significant difference between a board cleaned in one versus the other. Heat + time + sweeping frequency + cavitation = cleaned board.


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The D is for people who are afraid their employees will break the knob on the HT version. If you do, you just have to remember that the board is in there so you don't ultrasonic it for 40 minutes. I don't think it is worth the extra money for the simple reason that you have to hit a select button to change from time/temperature/UC strength rather than immediately adjust dials, and you also have to wait 2 seconds when you turn it on for it to come on. It's very 1980s alarm clock, and a pain in the ass.

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