Customer got screwed? 820-3787 in Mid 2014?


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Hi Guys, got a customer who was offered a new board replacement by another repairshop at about USD 800 which he declined. Now came to me and the board looks fxxxed. Missing IC, burned SMC, corrosion and flux all over. The Mac is an mid 2014 15 inch retina. The logicboard inside (which all the serials have been conveniently burned away) is an 820-3787 which is a late 2013. Was the mid 2014 supplied with this board? Or can i assume the other shop swapped it and this board does not belong in a mid 2014? Thanks for any info.

EDIT: From what I can find in Google it was also used in Mid 2014. Seems they got screwed anyway, better not spend time on this pile of rubble....
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It pisses me off that there are so many shitty companies out there, happy to steal peoples parts and shit like that. It baffles me how they stay in business for more than a few months.


the better way to know is read bios IC and compare serial number with the bottom case number, but, why spend time on this if client already got screwed?...