Dead iphone 6 :(


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Draws 0.1A when plugged in which droops to 0.03A in a sec.
Cpu does not even get warm..

Install a working battery. Now I have 0.55A. But the phone does not turn on or connect to itunes.
Changed the charge port, draws 0.55A no change.
The cpu gets hot.

What I am thinking:
If it's the tristar U2, should turn on with a live 40% battery.
Could be the meson touch ic? May be cause one time I just checked to see what the iphone did without the Meson chip, no display but cpu would be warm. I forgot to measure the current draw without the meson...:(

Any help is welcome..


It should charge the battery regardless of Menson and it doesn't according to your first measurements. Does it charge the new battery, voltage going up?