Do you guys sign contracts with companies?


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Hey guys,

Normally i don't sign anything with the repair shops when they're sending in repairs. I've got this local computer repair shop wanting to sub-contract their mac repairs to me, and wants me to sign up a contract with them. I'm a bit confused with their terms and conditions. Especially with this one:

- Contractor hereby grants XXXX the right, but not the obligation, to use and to license others the right to use Contractor's, and Contractor's employees', name, voice, signature, photograph, likeness and biographical information in connection with and related to the Services.

What exactly are they trying to use my info for? Or they're just copy and paste the terms and conditions here and there?

They'd like to charge me an hourly rate on repairing the boards, and to be honest some boards i fix them say 15 mins, some take freakin' days until i figure out what's wrong with them. Should I tell them nah i'll charge you a fix price on board repairs or nah?


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First reaction is "NO", especially the hourly rate thing. That seems more like a contract for someone they're trying to use as an employee without the extra overheads.

They will contest you over charges and they will most likely make your life hell when you post something like a "This board took 6.5hrs to repair".

Maybe some people are quite okay with that but my experience says they'll try micromanage you to insanity. They send the job, you fix the job at a "wholesaler" discount/price; the end.


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If a repair shop wants me to sign a contract, I tell them no. Send it just like any other store does. Experimac contacted me once and wanted me to sign something... NOPE. If you want to send me repairs, you can send them just as anyone else does.


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LOL, Unbefuckinglievable!

You're providing a service that your customer makes free money from, and can't do themselves..... Who the fuck do they think they are???
They will likely be a complete headache to do any sort of business with.

They need your service, so you're the one who sets the terms. Full_Fucking_Stop.
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Funny you mention these companies being picky. I recently fixed a board for dc computers. The guy was cool but then when i showed up with the working board they didnt seem too happy i had a wire running to connect broken traces..

they said if i cannot make it look factory theyd rather just buy a new board. Wow! Ok lose out on profit i suppose.


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Send them back with a note requesting they send it back to you for the parts bin. Fix it for yourself, job done.