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The current change of board view format of 820-02020 to be compatible only with the paid version of FlexBV, seems to require techs to purchase a license.

While looking for alternatives I have noticed XinZhiZao being an interesting subscription-based alternative for gathering not only schematics and board views but also diode mode readings and troubleshooting guides. Although it was mainly Chinese language-oriented a couple of years back and covering only mobile devices. Now it seems to be opened to the world by being translated with a growing database of laptop schematics/brds as well.

Considering the subscription package being close to the FlexBV cost and additional extras, I am wondering if anyone used it or had anything to say about it?

I am on set mind to go for FlexBV, but considering the above it makes you wonder :/


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The BVR3 format is a custom format for FlexBV but it's plain-text so it can easily be decoded. Someone just has to write some code for it.
The boardviews released as BVR3 format are either:
- Boardviews originally leaked as BRD format (sometimes very hard to find) that got edited for some reason (to add outline for example). Some of the original BRD files have been distributed as well.
- Boardviews from XinZhiZao but copied manually.

XinZhiZao has been collecting some Mac boardviews hard or impossible to find elsewhere lately (incl. Mac mini and correct files for 00138, 00840 and such). Of course entirely illegally, something not reasonable to try to do if you're not based in China.
FlexBV also has a feature to collect and share diode mode measurements and other additional troubleshooting info.

Note that I'm not recommending or supporting either software, I only swear by OpenBoardView.