Greetings from Gadget Guru - Owings Mills!


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Hi Louis! You may not remember me, but I tweeted to you from my now purged Twitter account @gir489 a million years ago because you taught me how to buy a laptop that doesn't suck ass for cheap! I bought some ASUS gaming laptop for $1500 at the time (used in the box) and got it shipped to my door for pennies off Amazon. It was a 1080 Ti i7770M with 16GB of RAM in it and fully loaded SSD 512 GB with a 1TB HDD in it. FULLY LOADED! And! It had a power button on it dedicated! Because that was something you told me to get. At the time, I was sort've working part time at a local repair shop called Gadget Guru. I got "fired" from the original owner Ken (who now fucked off to Florida) and it's run by a new guy named Paul. They watch your videos all the time and try to fix macbooks but some repairs are just too costly, and they recommend someone else to do it, because repairing shit is all about knowing your limitations. If you can't read schematics and figure out where your PP bus isn't getting PP from? Repairing electronics ain't for you. But if you can diagnose a macbook from 2010 because it won't turn on and you think the PP_BUS_G3_HOT ain't hot? Word, hook that up! Fix it! Get it working for the customer! But you also need to know when it's time to get a new macbook. I bought a 2020 MacBook Pro off Facebook for $700 cash, met their ass in NJ same day, got the box, cables, even got her to wipe it for me!

OK so why the fuck do you care, right Louis? Well! I took your advice again! I FUCKING RAGED AT APPLE TODAY! I asked for a pentalobe screw driver from the store from a nice tall black guy and asked where I could get one and he said "Amazon?" ¯\_( ツ )_/¯ then I walked out with the manager yelling at me. FUCK APPLE!