Hakko FR-901 not heating properly


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i have a question about my Hakko FR-801. I used it now for something like one or two years and it always works perfektly fine. Now i feel like it is not really heating as much as it is used to. I would normally exchange the heating element and don´t mind that. But the real problem i have with it is, that it shuts off while i´m working with it. The blinking red LED stops blinking and i can not turn it back on. After a few minutes it automatically starts working again. Is that also related to the heation element? Is it to hot and needs to cool down a bit or what is going on with it? Thanks for any help.


I really don't know what could be wrong with it. The element would be the most common and the maybe a break in the cable.


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This is 100% related to heating element, mine used to do the same thing when heating element died. Get a new one.