Help with a Bent 3GS Iphone logicboard


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I've been there for quite a while but never get the occasion to get involved or ask anything yet... so today is a first !

I have a 3GS Iphone in my hands that was bent because of a swallen battery and from which I need to recover the data.

The board model is 820-2762-A (pictures are attached)

I found the schematics of another 3GS board : 820-2580 (which are the very common schematics on the web for this iphone)

1/ Is there any big difference between the 2 logic boards that I should be aware of ?
2/ This is one of the first time I'm working an iPhone logic board and my experience in logic board isn't that big (I fixed a few but they were shorts and quite easy). Could you help me with the process you would follow for this ?

I would greatly appreciate your assistance as I'm really excited to learn about this.

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Oh I just see now the board was bend. This would probably be cracked traces under one of the BGAs. Unless the customer is prepared to pay hundreds of dollars this will not be worth the time and effort. It will require swapping NAND/CPU/Baseband to a working undamaged board.


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Well swapping chips is my usual option, I wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about iPhone logic boards... at the same time I'm not sure that learning on a 3GS would be the most usefull experience for the future...

Thanks for your fast answer