How can I bind BRD-file extension in Windows? - *.brd shortcut


I've been searching for a while with no luck!
I'm trying to implement the *.brd extension into windows so it opens my brd-files automatically with board view.

This is what I tried:
I saved boardview.exe on my local HDD -> right-click on any brd-file -> open with -> search boardview.exe -> sat a hook on "Alway open with the APP" and WOILÀ all brd-files open board view by double clicking!!

BUT the only thing happens is a naked boardview shows up without showing any drawing so I have to click "Open File" - search my brd-file again and open it again :(
Is there any way to avoid this?


It is just really buggy Chinese software. If your solution did not work properly it is a bug in the board viewer.