How can I remove stucked screws?


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currently I have an iPhone on my desk with a bad water damage. Even the screws are oxidized. I took my screwdriver and tried to move the screw, but after the first turn I damaged the head of the screw, so I wasn’t able to use the screwdriver again. This happened with about 3/4 of all screws in this fuckn’ phone, so I had to drill the screws out.

Maybe someone can give me a hint, how I can remove the screws without damaging them.


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If the are stripped beyond use... Even with rubber ballon. Then attack depends on phone and which screw. What phone and which screw(s). Can you upload a pic.

Also, i like to use rubber bands instead of ballons. Probably just because im more likely to have rubberbands laying around.


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Just saw your post in 'a little bit of water damage'

For that deep of rust... Try using "PB Blaster" to break down rust on screws. Spray on screws and let site a couple of hours, then spray again. After 2nd spray, tap all screws to help blaster fluid penetrate. Then try screw again using rubber band or balloon. You can tap heavy on frame screws, but not too hard on LB screws. Also, try not to overspray as pb blaster os probably not good for board.

If you have ultrasonic, then throw the whole thing in that will break up rust for sure.

Lastly, lcd frame screws were always a bitch until one day i realized these were easily grabbed with pliers and spun free from rust. Forget trying to unscrew, just use pliers. Type that works the best, for me, i beleive is called 'precision end nipper'.