How much sleep do you get?

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How much sleep do you guys typically get (or aim for)?

I find myself spending 7-10 hours sleeping and yet I'm always tired. Tonight I'm going to attempt a polyphasic sleep cycle, taking 90 minute naps at 9am, 6:30pm, and 1:30am. This should reduce my sleep time down to 4.5 hours, giving me 2.5-5.5h of additional free time.

The idea of many polyphasic sleep schedules is to make sleep more efficient, thus requiring less of it. Additionally, you space out your sleep throughout the day as to increase alertness as you're awake. Unfortunately some of the more adventurous sleep cycles I am not able to attempt, as my work prevents me from napping halfway through my 7 hour shift.
Examples of some alternative sleep patterns:


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I wake up at about 11:30am start work right away and work / study until about 5:30am (it's 4:30am now) so about 6 hours sleep. All good when I'm sat up (99.9% of the time) because always busy, but if I lay down for a few minutes, say to read from a book rather than a screen, the wife is poking me awake to tell me to hoover or that somehting is about to cost me some money :)

I would be concerned that having little naps would fuck you up a bit. Arn't we ment to enter certain stages of sleep to actually get a benefit?


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A normal human body needs 6-9 hours of sleep per day. but i find 7 is optimal. if you sleep more than 9 hours a day you actually put your body into a sleep like coma and there for are sluggish/ lack energy or motivation to do things. Similar to undersleeping, oversleeping messes with our circadian rhythm[FONT=Merriweather, serif] — a 24-hour cycle that is driven by our biological clocks and results in physical, mental, and behavioral changes. By sleeping longer than normal, we unknowingly throw off our regular circadian rhythm. Those feelings of lethargy, fatigue, and drowsiness come from a sleep cycle that is out of whack and the human body not knowing what time it is, kind of like jet lag. [/FONT]

[FONT=Merriweather, serif]Here is an interesting article on over sleeping [/FONT]

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I would be concerned that having little naps would fuck you up a bit. Arn't we ment to enter certain stages of sleep to actually get a benefit?
I'm sure the timing will. The body needs to go through a series of stages to constitute a "sleep cycle."

REM sleep being where you're closest to wakefulness and when you dream. There are phone apps and fitness trackers that track your motion in bed to estimate when you've entered REM sleep and wake you accordingly. It's very fun to play with - get the app "Sleep Time" for ios/android and you can see a graphical view of your own sleep cycles. It may even help with wakefulness.

As you may notice, the sleep cycles get longer and longer providing less revitalizing non-REM sleep. 7+ hours in, you're not recieving the benefits of deep sleep, but you'll experience more and more dreams. The idea of napping for 90 minutes is to ONLY experience the first sleep cycle. In doing so, It should be easier to wake AND I get more deep sleep per hour spent.



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sleeping to long makes you tired, i sleep about 4 to 6 hours a night.
but i take rest that means when my wife goes to bed and we dont hump she goes to sleep at 23:00 hours i stay awake work on administration website or play a game see a movie.
then the baby wakes up around 6:30/7:00 then i go out again.
everytime i am able to take a longer sleep i end up beeing more tired.


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I usually sleep from 1am to 7am on a working day and from 4am to 11am on the weekends, its been working alright for me. I'm not tired during the day


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My fucked up schedule goes from 10:30am till 2:30am, I've really been trying to shift it so that I'm going to bed earlier, like 11pm or 12am would be better I think


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About 5 hours sleep a day Monday - Saturday. 4 hour lay in on a Sunday. I get tired if I sit there doing nothing and just waste time.


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I work every weekends in a factory, PLC, General manteinance and shitthen from 6pm to 6am, both Saturday and Sunday till 6am Monday, couple of hours of sleep and then opening the shop at 9am. Overall 7hours of work every day and 12hours on Saturday and Sunday. But I am never tired anyway, my daily job is also my hobby so honestly sometimes I can't wait to go to work. Weekends are thought tho. I spend all of my free time with my gf, she's a nurse so she has stupid shifts as well. Overall 5 / 6hours of sleep per day without weekends


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If you have problems to wake up in the morning, get a dog.
Believe me, is better than an alarm!
Mine "reacts" between 9 to 9:30 (ocasionally 8:30); doesn't matter if I didn't sleep more than 5-6 hours, even less...
And oh, doesn't have disable button.


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I get 6-8 hrs... And I feel tons better if I sleep less. If i sleep to much I feel like a Zombie and may just end up putting a smc on backwards.