HP AIO - 24-b223w - Won't power on, can't track issue.


One thing i know pretty well is Ohms law. And what I was explaining is that by setting my CV at 1.1v, the system wanted more current than I had my bench supply set to. So in order to get the voltage to stay at 1.1 i had to up the current.
Basically, on this power supply, if i set the current max at 100milliamps, and the CV at 1.1v then if the chip or circuit wants more than 0.1amps, my PSU will drop the voltage to near 0v, until I give it more current. so at 100milliamps, it wasn't enough to get the chip warm and thus i had to up the current until it no longer trigger the CC cutoff. At which the 1.1v CV was the next stopping point. That's when the chip got warm....

Now I'm interested in the Auto load info. I've heard of this but never experienced it personally I'm going to dig into that a bit and see what's up..


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ALWAYS set amp limit to max when inject voltage.
So lab PSU doesn't enter in protection mode.
You don't have to re-adjust amp limit each time you detect the PSU stoped to inject.
A 20A PSU is recommended for this purpose...