HP Envy 27 B210 AIO All-In-One Boot Problem


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Hello! I have a problem with 2 machines, exact same model same issue.

They are HP ENVY 27-b100 All-in-One Desktop, Model No.27 B210

On bootup, they give both led and speaker beeps together, 3 long and 4 shorter beeps.

The power supplies are original HP 200W, and i bought 2 replacement PSU's that give the same result

Ram has been tried with or without, same result, and also tried a CMOS reset

The main board is HP CONFIT L04815-601 L04815-001 tpc-t008-27 sch3730-6050a2960801-mb-01

From this page;


3 Long, 4 Short
The system board displays a power failure (crowbar)

1 Reduce to minimum config (CPU, Main-Board, PSU,
Single memory DIMM) and isolate failed component.
2 Reduce further if issue persists.
3 Test known good PSU.
4 Replace affected component.
5 If unable to confirm source, replace CPU, Main-Board, PSU.

So it seems the board has some issue, and it seems that it happens often, both units i have do exactly the same.

Anyhow can help with this ? thanks