I just started studying board repair


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I just started studying logic board repair.
I have all the equipment and logic boards.
I've been running a MacBook repair shop for 10 years, so I'm aware of MacBook hardware.

I saw Rossmann Repair Training Guide and REWA MacBook Motherboard Repair Course ($299).
But I still don't solve very basic questions such as how to view circuit diagrams, how to find short-circuit parts, how to measure current values, and how to buy chips.

I still need more basic circuit studies, so can I get recommend any videos or documents? (It's okay to pay.)
I desperately want to learn, but it's so hard to know where and how to learn..


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I find myself in the same situation as yours, and I truly share your passion for wanting to learn. I, too, am figuring out how to tackle issues by reading schematics and diagnosing faults, but theory often falls short when it comes to real-world application.

I've taken various courses and read many guides, but I think that the real challenge is understanding how to apply these concepts in practical life. I believe working with someone who has hands-on experience in the field could make a real difference. Even though I'm trying to learn on my own, I think having the guidance of someone experienced could significantly accelerate my learning.

I've invested time and money in courses, but so far, I don't yet have the confidence and the expereince to diagnose and fix a board issue. Maybe I might seem repetitive, but perhaps with a technician who has many years of experience behind us, would be crucial. Theory is important, but daily practice is what truly makes us competent in our field.

In any case, I'm confident that our determination will lead us to become experts in this work.

Good luck!
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