IC 1610A2 compatibiity


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1610A1 = 1610A2 = 1610A3
Should I have these 3 chips in stock to repair iphone or only A3 version is enought? Are they the same?


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The 1610A3 will work in place of the 610A3B, 1610A2, and 1610A1. On really old devices, you will need 1608A1 which is NOT compatible with the four aforementioned ICs.

So to repair tristar/charger recognition issues, all you need to stock in terms of tristar ICs are 1610A3 and 1608A1.

Links included in this post.
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Duke, I found link you sent here but info was not enoguth. They say A1 and A3 are not compatible but here Luis says THEY ARE. Only 1608 is not but this is logic as they are different part number.