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I am hoping you guys experience issue i have. I have been fixing Apple products for over 10 years.
I wanted to help a friend and install 2 tb SSD to his 2014 iMac 21.5. Which is quite easy to do but it didn't go as expected.

When the item arrived it was in sleep mode and it was unplugged.
I took apart the iMac installed ssd and went for command + R.
It came on fan starts spinning and got stuck on led #2.
SO i changed the internal battery tried all resets nothing.
After 15 min fan going it chime and nothing happened. I put the old Drive no boot then i used a USB which has ubuntu and turned on and worked.

I run a diagnostic gave me an error PFM008.

so lost atm any help would be appreciated


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First of all, welcome to the forum!

Did you try PRAM reset 2-3 times?
Which is the entire error message?
You should try to run corresponding EFI ASD, could give you better information.

Does it always work with USB macOS?
Can you access internal SSD in Disk Utility then?