iMac 27' 2009, shime + white screen. Looking for some tips.


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Hi everyone, first post here.
Haven't found a better place to post this quite vague question not yet related to a specific board afaik. So there you go.

Just was given a free broken old iMac 27 form my boss. I have the same one at home working fine (my own).
The issue is power on -> white screen -> shime -> white screen forever.
Tried the easy stuff I could do atm: Reset PRAM, switch RAM from the good iMac to the old one, different slots tried too. Got the bips when it was baldy inserted.
I never got a logo after the shime.
Haven't tried to change the HDD since I bet that step would require at least to reach apple logo right ?

I looked up inside the thing, because, well, I can do that with some ease at least (not my first time). Every boards look brand new except one with obvious traces of some glowing substance (flex or something) all over it. Not quite sure what board it is, probably related to power judging by the kind of stuff on it. But I will take good photos later.
Doesn't mean it is the issue of course, I also asked my Boss and this isn't a refurbished product and never went to repair. (They really sell stuff with that kind of shitty job brand new ??) .

I can't go into soldering stuff, and do board repair that's pretty clear. But I have a feeling maybe there's a chance this could be fixed by a board replacement Graphic or Power (if that one is possible).
From your experience guys, what's going on here ? (roughly).

If this post belong somewhere else please tell.


My guess is a bad HDD. It will hang on the grey screen trying to detect it. Unplug HDD and see if you get the blinking ? after 30 seconds.


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Okay, this is embarrassing.
Spot on Dukefawks. Switched HDD and we got a full boot.
I was pretty confident thinking the apple logo / question logo / folder logo / ... was a prerequisite to any other kind of peripheral issues (as in anything that's not a board/cheap).
But I was wrong. I'll need to find a resource on the apple boot steps and their true meaning now.

Case closed. Thank you !


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Here comes the photos.
I wonder if I should be worried about the state of this "unknown" board ?
Top left (second to left actually) when you look straight after opening the thing.


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