Introduction : Clickgoandbuy

Hello everyone,
My name is Hutch, I am the ITAD or WEEE (if you are from Europe) Director at Clickgoandbuy.
We purchase large quantities of Apple products in various states of repair and resell on various E-commerce platforms.
Clickgoandbuy is located in Kenilworth New Jersey USA., with a reasonable commute from New York City.

I have been tasked with building a team of ITAD and specifically Apple repair technicians to meet our sales goals for 2023-2024.

We can source parts and more importantly donor boards for everyone to continue repairing Apple products.

What I need from everyone, firstly, please, is some logic board (MacBooks) part numbers, and the procurement team can search availability, price (please expect and outline a fair market price expectations)

Secondly, I am currently recruiting Logic board repair technicians, and or, 1099 contractors that will work at our location here in Kenilworth, NJ. The hardware needs to stay on-site, for various ITAD WEEE regulations, (we get Audited) hence this introduction.

Lastly, for complete transparency, WE DO NOT, OR WILL NOT BE, REPAIRING DEVICES FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Clickgoandbuy have zero intention of getting into the Apple repair business with the general public.

My personal Cell phone is 929 766 4272 if you want to have a quick chat.