IPhone 11 no touch


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Hi, first time posting here, so I do apologise if this question is solved somewhere else; I did try and search but with no luck.

I have a customer that has brought in an iPhone 11 with an unresponsive screen, and she told me that she had the screen removed and put back on at a Telstra Shop(Australian Phone Company), and that fixed it, now I have tried that and also a reset with no luck. Is there a factory fault with the iPhone 11 screens that causes it to not respond to any touch?

Is it best to just replace it with a new screen?

Any help would be much apricated as I am not a huge phone repair shop and my main work is networking installs and PC repair, but I have decided to branch out due to the lack of places for people to get their phones repaired where I live, my town has no more than 15 people!

Much thanks Doug