iPhone 6s no image, no backlight, no sound. Recognised by iTunes

Hello fellow repair sheeple!

Have an iPhone 6s here that I screwed up a while ago during a screen repair (still not sure what actually happened), But anyway I replaced the phone for an iPhone 7 for the customer so this is now my phone.
I've tested some things but I'm not 100% sure on what exactly I'm testing as I only have a PDF board view and a schematic. I don't have ZXW yet due to only having OSX installed on my machines.

I have tried messing around with FL4205 as I was suspicious about it but clumsy me ripped the whole thing off including pads because my hand slipped. I'm not too steady with these really small components!
I know there's multiple reasons why a 6s can show no screen. I have tested LCM_RESET and it's got 100 kilo-ohms resistance to ground. Which is correct I think according to jessa's video on this?
I would appreciate any help.



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First thing obviously FL4205 put back on with jumpers. Do you get PP1V8 on both sides?

Doyou have PN5V7?

Did you knock L4200/L4201/L4202 off the board? Most common cause is knocking those off, I have had to resolder that shit many times 2 minutes before closing because someone knocked it off the board(they no longer work here).

How does the connector look? Tell me you are looking with a microscope.


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Here's a question for you. Is there any chance in hell that an iPhone 6s can show image with FL4205 ripped off the board? Follow up question: where should you start?