iPhone 6s WiFi issues


Hi, having some major issues with a 6s I am working on. Basically the phone came in with greyed out wifi and non functional bluetooth. I started by just recalling the WiFi Chip which did actually bring back wifi. But it got very hot and threw a temp warning every minute or so. So I removed the NAND, unbound wifi and put it back on the board (have no DSCD right now so this will have to do). Then I replaced the WiFi Chip with a known good one from a locked board. This caused wifi and bluetooth to work fine again but the phone has two issues now:

A) Reception is poor (Same issue with reflowed original chip)
B) Phone gets really warm and drains the battery quickly.

I don't think the chip or my soldering of the chip is the issue. With no chip it works fine (except for wifi/bt obviously) and I also tried a different chip with the same issue!

Thanks for help!