iPhones - Backlight and no image

Tony Tone

Lets say the data chokes are good. The display image goes from the connector through the chokes and straight to the CPU, correct, (or the other way I mean)? So in that instance you would need to reball/replace the CPU (ain't gonna happen)? Reason I ask is I have an iPhone 6+ I changed the Touch IC's, and a 6S I changed U4020. Both have backlight, but no image and recognized by iTunes. - baffled. I was looking for like an image type IC - LOL- & didn't expect it to be inside the CPU. I've taken diode mode measurements on the 6S (my tester) when it was in good condition and reference it now and see that the MIPI_AP_TO_LCM_DATA lines (6 of them, off the 3 chokes) are measuring a much higher resistance to ground in diode mode. (Help me, help me please my hair is on fire, LOL) hehe