Lab power supply and connectors.


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i connect all of my different power cables to a lab supply to save the amount of shit on my bench. Magsafe, magsafe2, hp, toshiba,asus and so on.


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can somebody tell me if they have connected usb c to lab supply and if so how did you do it. are there any issues. what is the pinout please?


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+V & GND is there anything wrong or missing? i have no idea if i should try this. any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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I have the exact same issue.
We have to consider that que power supply "talks" to the mackbook:
It first send +5V to the macbook, and if this one is OK, it send then the +20V.
It's not that easy as before......
If you have any solution , please share


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There's a special comms circuit. I am not sure of the needed mods for connecting to a lab bench power supply. It's not as simple as giving 5v, then 20v.

There's a handshake of some kind to ensure that the charger CAN provide 20v safely, and i'm unsure of this.

I wish this would be answered by other techs.....