Looking to get information to learn/improve skills.


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I am a very entry-level technician when it comes to soldering repairs. I can do HDMI, USB-C, Ethernet, Joysticks, and other simple items like that. I am however looking to improve upon this skill and learn how to do more in-depth repairs since my daughter has epilepsy (absence seizures) and I would ideally like to repair my own stuff and troubleshoot it as opposed to paying someone to do it for me since she is prone to spill water on things when she has a seizure.

I used to work at a certain repair place where you would break your stuff and we would fix it. They ended up closing up my store last year and I got to keep all of the soldering equipment that they had since the other option was to trash it. I have everything that is included in the high-end IG soldering bundle as well as tweezers and some extra tips, so I am set up to actually start learning with some pretty good equipment, I just have a certain learning style and it is hurting me in this endeavor more than it helps.

I am the type of learner where I just start working on something and ask questions as I go. That really isn't an option anymore so I need to fall back on my next best method which is watching videos and asking questions in forums or discord groups until I grasp the material I am trying to learn. I am having difficulties finding what I need, so I figured I would check out this forum and see if any of you fine individuals would be willing to point me in the direction of what I am looking to achieve. And for the sake of transparency, the biggest issue I am running into is that when I find a video that seems to be what I am looking for, the person doing the voice-over tends to have a heavy middle-eastern or similar accent and it is hard to understand what they are saying when they start to talk fast, and there is no CC for me to read what they are saying. So, here I go:

1) I am looking to learn how to read schematics. Mostly, how do I translate what I see on the schematic into a location on a motherboard?

2) Tools and methods to test components that are on the board and in circuit.

3) How to use a tabletop DC power supply with different laptop and console motherboards.

4) How to use an oscilloscope to diagnose and repair boards.

5) Any really good entry-level classroom-like courses I can take to get a really good foundation on board-level repairs on phones, consoles, and computers.

Thank you all in advance. I am excited to learn all about this!