Macbook A1398 820-00426


Hey guys!

I have what appears to be a Macbook over heating.

Macbook came to me with "can't log in" to account issue.

When you try and log into the user account or guest account, shortly after before the user or guest account even loads, mac restarts,

I was really dusty.

I took it apart and cleaned out all the dust.

Put it back together and tested. I had the same result, can't log in. restarts, it still feels really hot as well - I'm guessing it's hitting over critical temp and restarting.

Applied new thermal paste (old stuff was dry as) still same issue.

I am noticing fans are changing speed once, they are just going normal boot up speed.

Both fans are operating but obviously something is going on temperature wise.

Please help :)



Staff member
There could be a problem with GPU; see if you can run Windows/Linux Live.

The problem can also be caused by FDMF6808N chips.
You can try changing them with FDMF6708/3030...



Macbook came in with an expanded battery.

I did some googling.

I disconnected the LCD and the touch pad and the mac works fine now.

Apparently this model does not work with bad or no battery connected.....

Maybe I shouldn't have left that out.

Thanks for you help, mac is now working.