Macbook A1989 820-00850-A water damage no boot

This macbook came in after water damage , it does not wanna power on , when I diagnose it , i am getting my 20V on my amp meter , T2 gets hot, no fan spin , I reviewed most of the power lines and no short to ground anywhere , Please help me
I am a little new to this , so some of terms i dont know them well yet ( SLPS2R and the AWAKE voltages where can i check those and also i have not done the dfu mode yet on the macbooks which are the combination buttons to get it into dfu mode?

Thank you


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We have several posts about DFU.
Links to external tutorials already posted.
Reaf all, as many people complained not easy to get into DFU.

Just search on pdf for SLPS2R and AWAKE.
Check all voltage rails with such names; there are 5 at least...