Macbook Air - Chime & Backlight works, No display...

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Mr. Pepe,

I've got a 2011 Macbook Air in the shop. Fan spins up, Audible Chime, Backlight all working. I've done a pretty complete examination of the board, top & bottom. Checked Traces, grounds good (solid), have some spots that look pretty crappy (without scope), simple continuity check seems good. Those nasty traces still get continuity & nominal voltage, and I can get grounds I've tested with solid tone? I'm kinda bugging out with the amount of "Time Suck" this single board/machine is costing me.

So I'm gonna take a chance that my $30 will get me some kind of hint? Seems like I've got good PP to the display rail? Am I missing something obvious, or should I just same my time & board swap it? I'm at (the better part of..) 90min's right now (not counting typing time). Just over my Bench Fee quoted time, but, don't want to make this a "Rabbit Hole". Any Ideas?

I'll try to post some board shot's in the AM.



You checked the board but you are not mentioning if you checked with another display. If not then start there. Don’t diagnose the board before you are 100% sure it is a board issue. It could also just be a bad lcd-cable. If you don’t have a known good display at hand then start with disconnecting internal display and see if an external one shows an image.


Don’t use comments as replies as they can easily be missed. First thing you did was it trying a known good display or was it to test with external screen while internal display disconnected ?


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Is your board model 820-3115?
Do you get pure white or black display?
Check for knocked off components in the LCD connector area, both sides of the board.


Need to know if you have white screen or black with backlight on.

Remove the SSD and do a PRAM reset and see if you get a question mark.