Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2015 - backlight repair on LCD


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I received water damaged Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2015 from clients words has been water damaged for a month. During testing I figured out that mac was working off the battery only. The original screen was working fine. After a week, we fixed the board start to test and realized that LCD has no backlight! Mac works fine with new lcd, but old one has last its backlight. I remove plastic cover on the lcd and tried new flex, there is no water damage on control board.

Kind of stuck here, because customer knows screen was working.

Is there anything I can do to repair back-light on lcd panel? what could have happened?


There is probably corrosion on the LCD PCB somewhere. In reality it is not really repairable cause soldering to the PCB will destroy the bonding to the LCD flat cables. So yeah, LCD needs to be replaced.