Macbook Pro 2009 17 / 820-2390-A attempt to repair liquid spill


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- I cleaned the board, there where some small areas where you could see a bit of liquid damage. After cleaning it looks ok.

- Light from power adapter is green

- Checked the following power rails:

PP3V42_G3H_REG: 3.4V


PP3V3_S5_REG: 3.3V
PP3V3_S3_FET: 0V

Tried to get to the source why PP5V_S3_REG is 0V.
- Checked U7201(TPS51220) enable:
- EN1: 0V
- EN2: 3.4V

Followed EN1 / P5VS3_EN which is same as PM_SLP_S4_L (double checked voltage also 0), which ends in U1400 (MCP79).

My only idea left is that the C7812 could be broken and pulls PM_SLP_S4_L to ground. But C7812 looks like it is not put on the board (there was a No Stuff comment on the diagram).

Followed source where PP3V3_S3_FET is supposed to come from. Ended up at Q7910. Source of the MOSFET is PP3V3_S3_P3V3S3FET, which I measured 3.3V. P3V3S3_SS is around 3.15V, which if I understand it correctly explains that the MOSFET switches PP3V3_S3_FET off. Then I tried to figure out why P3V3S3_SS is 3.15V. This is due to P3V3S3_EN is 0V.
P3V3S3_EN is PM_SLP_S4_L and so the reason is the same as above.

Now I'm stuck as I cannot tell why PM_SLP_S4_L is 0V. If anybody has some ideas what to do, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Yes, I have 1.05V on C7771 Pin 2.
I completely removed the logic board from the housing. No keyboard connected. However I just connected the board with the power supply, but did not manually power on the board with the pads.
I just tried to do that now, but that did not change anything. PP5V_S3_REG, PP3V3_S3_FET and PM_SLP_S4_L are still 0V.
Is there a way to verify that I have powered on the board correctly? I just connected the two 'PWR BTN' pads for a couple of seconds.


You check PM_PWRBTN_L when you short the pad on the board, it should go low. Also make sure you use a REAL 85W charger!


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Thanks, that was a good hint. I changed to the 85W charger and then when I shorted the pads the fans spun up for a minute. However they stopped again while I tried to measure the missing power rails.
Now the fans not spinning up again and I am back to where I was before.
PM_PWRBTN_L only goes low while the pads are shorted or will it stay low?


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Sorry, for the long silence. I have been swamped with work.
I don't think I shorted anything, but I measured everything again. Status is like given in my first post. It also doesn't turn on with the PWR BTN pads.