Macbook Pro A1708 - 820 - 00875 Frys USB' when charger is connected same time!


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Hey guys!

I have a Macbook Pro A1708 - 820 - 00875 that is doing things I've never seen before.

It's completely working, boot state everything is fine, here are the issues though.

When a USB is plugged in while the charger is connected, the USB is gone, completely dead.

The charger sometimes doesn't realise it's connected and the computer becomes laggy intermittantly (only happened after I was testing with customer, by purposely connecting USB while charger was connected to see the issue the customer mentioned)

My thought is the Mac is giving out putting the 20V it's getting from the charger - I have no way of testing this as it also broke my USB-C amp meter :/

Am I on the right track? I'm jumping straight to conclusion's and thinking it needs a USB-C replacement and maybe U7000? am I right?

What are your thoughts?



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Thanks for your reply :)

This will also cause the laggy nature and restart issues etc when something is plugged in?

Are there any boards I can harvest that part from? I have many A1466 & A1502 doners :)