Macbook Pro A2141 820 - 01700 boot loop!


Hey guys!

I have a Macbook Pro A1241 820 - 01700 that came in for repair due to boot loop

It gets to the apple logo with normal fan spin, hangs there for a few seconds, then the fans spin faster for a split 2 seconds or so that you can hear them - (customer said her mac was hissing and rebooting, which was just the fans)

After the fan spin harder for 1 - 2 seconds, Mac turns off and starts again shortly after and loops this over and over.

Having a look over the board the only thing I can go off is that is was really dusty, to the point where I thought perhaps it's just been caught in a loop and running hot so it can't boot.

After cleaning it up, and trying for a boot, no luck - no signs of any damaged bits or corrosion.

What would you suggest?

Thanks, Max


Thanks for your prompt reply!

Once I DFU, do I need to reinstall OS, or from there will things be fine?



Staff member
You should try revive option first.
May need restore and reinstall macOS, as this option erase entire SSD.