MBPRO 2020 13” 820-01949 SOCROM *SOLUTION*


I am writing to you dear colleagues because I for a long time and search never found a solution on my macbook pro 2020 820-01949 intel issue which showed prohibitory sign no matter what I tried (Everything was tried with DFU and so on - everything:) all values were normal on LB and it was a perfectly clean board with no damage. I decided to install a new clean image on a fresh SOC-ROM (think it is U4770 on bv) chip from a 820-00850 donor board. after i have installed it I now can restore it and the machine is running like new. You may know this but I have never tried it before and maybe it can help others.

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Did you flash 01949 dump into the chip recovered from 00850?
Or just soldered the chip without modifying its content?


Hi’ 2informaticos
I flashed 01949 dump into the chip recovered from 00850. I do not think it could work with a dump from another type of board.